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We imagine that there are a lot of couples right now who are figuring out what to do with their wedding plans for the spring.

Since social distancing is recommended in most parts of the world and large gatherings are prohibited, you may suffer serious heartache when postponing the wedding, but we have an idea for you to respect your ceremony date: flee now, receive after.

Why? You don’t have to wait to get married! Celebrate with the one who matters the most (your SO), take advantage of all the gorgeous and insanely fun Elopement inspirations we have on the Blog, find another beautiful dress to put on (these affordable dresses and jumpsuits are ready to ship immediately) and always keep your gorgeous wedding plans ready for a bigger celebration after this year. As a newlywed, I can tell you that I would like to have two weddings to dress up!

To give you even more reasons to consider this Route, we share an ultramodern desert Elopement from two Streetwear stylists who flew from Australia for their retro-cool Elopement. Ceremony among the Cholla cacti, portraits at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas and a reception dinner at the classic In-n-Out Burger-this escape is absolutely magical.

Favorite moments

The ceremony was very pleasant, we felt very in harmony with each other.

It was nice to really be in the middle of nowhere, we drove into the Canyon in a vintage Buick and it was a little discouraging at first to put this at highway speed, which was worth a few laughs because most of the cars were passing us.

Enjoying a hamburger at the end of the day with Danette (our photographer) was the icing on the cake.

The Dress And The Clothes

We wore what we thought was our personality, the dress was simple but had a very extravagant sleeve. The costume was designed by us, we did all the practical work ourselves via our business store SSWEATSHOP. The traditional embroidered tattoo designs come from our friend and tattoo artist Dan Coy. The costume was a nod to Western bare costumes with a modern approach.

Tips for other couples

Don’t stress yourself out, make decisions that you both want and not what your mother-in-law’s girlfriend prefers. It’s about you! It might make some others uncomfortable for a few hours, but this is your day!


We started the trip in New York a few weeks earlier, so the whole trip was really the honeymoon. After the wedding, we spent a few nice quiet days in Pioneertown CA.

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