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Last July, next to the gray waters of New York Harbor, the massive skyscrapers of Manhattan were the cheerful and colorful explosion of Aly & Dan’s wedding on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Everyone has their own version of New York City-dazzling, grunge, fashion, artistic (my version is “delicious”) and this wedding in Brooklyn is definitely reminiscent of “eclectic”. It is normal that under the bridges, near a lot of fabulous and bright graffiti, Aly & Dan decided to fill their city party with the most vivid and colorful series of flowers.

Bright pink and orange peonies and buttercups that filled the room also decorated one of the best cakes we’ve seen in a while. Spectacular as the skyline in front of 1 hotel, this large confectionery made of nine white cakes has water in the mouth and radiant heart eyes.

Wedding Style

I loved every second of our wedding! We had a great group and good food. Everyone danced all night and had fun, which we wanted. We had a wedding in July and wanted colorful and funny flowers. We had great salespeople and a wedding planner and Dan and I didn’t have to worry about anything that day!

Favorite moments

I loved walking down the aisle. Seeing how everyone we love sees one of the most special moments of our lives in a room is something I will never forget.

Advice For other couples

Think of the two or three things that are most important for you as a couple to spend the most. There are a million little details to date and try not to think about all the decisions you have to make. The day will pass at lightning speed and enjoy every second.


We stayed for two weeks all over Japan for our honeymoon. We knew it was a “crazy” trip, so we thought a honeymoon was the perfect excuse. We were full and had the best time. It’s nowhere near that far for two weeks it was worth it!

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