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Casual, dreamy, full of local vendors and craftsmen – today’s wedding in the Czech Republic has everything we love about a prairie wedding.

Located in the beautiful hills of southern Monrovia and photographed by Carol’s darkroom, this rural wedding celebrated everything about the area. The food, the flowers and even the dress came from the surrounding villages! The beautiful and whimsical dress even included a special Monrovian lace, which made the embroidery even more sentimental for our local bride.

Why are we so excited about all the local details? Buying flowers in the season, planning a pop-up menu and buying fashion and decoration from your neighbors will not only create a charming scene, but will help save the country! These actions eliminate potential emissions related to the shipment of exotic food and flowers, which can be so easily avoided by showing the awesome flora and food of your hometown!


Since we are both trying to live respectfully with nature (not quite perfect yet), I tried to prepare as much as possible organically. For example, the flowers I chose for our day grew locally at the same time of the year as the wedding. Almost all the food was local and my wedding dress was also made by a local seamstress from local materials.

The dress and the outfit

My wedding dress was made by Sobje, local seamstresses. We also used embroidered lace, which is typical for the Moravian region, where the wedding took place and where I was born and raised. My hangers were made of this lace. When we thought about the dress, we thought that the wedding would take place in the field and in the tent right next to the forest. I wanted the dress to be a perfect addition to the environment. My groom had a suit, but he decided to voluntarily give up a tie or other decoration.

Favorite moments

Our first dance. Since I love to dance and my husband, not so much, I was glad that I let him dance with me! Also because the ceremony was over, so we could relax and enjoy the celebration with others!

The day of the wedding

We wanted everyone to have a nice day with good food in a beautiful environment. Simply, no enjoyment planned that we would urge our guests to do. We also didn’t want a lot of attention to be paid to us. We called for a nice sunny day with everyone we love. Smiling, eating, dancing and drinking, touching the grass at her feet. We were lucky that the weather was better than in our dreams! People were so excited about our wedding and many of them still remind us that it was the best wedding they have ever gone to (so satisfying for both of us!).

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