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If you have an affinity for opulent ballrooms, ancient cathedrals, princess ball gowns and classical tradition, this Budapest wedding is for you!

Felicia and Fredrik came from Sweden and had no doubt about where they would celebrate their wedding anniversary. After spending many summers in Hungary and being aware of the beautiful places of the city, the jet-set couple chose Budapest as their destination when they got engaged in the beautiful ancient city.

“In my dreams, my wedding would be classic and fabulous with many beautiful elements. The feeling of getting married like a real princess has been a dream since childhood, and now we finally have the opportunity to realize an old dream.”Marry Felicia.

Wedding Dress & Style

Among other things, the inspiration for the wedding dress came from the beautiful dresses and ceremonies of Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly, and it was important to keep a lot of neutral colors.

The wedding bouquet consisted of lilies of the valley with a mixture of other small white flowers of the season. Bridesmaids, grooms and groomsmen were given white flowers with simple green leaves – all for as classic a touch as possible. To add a little color, the bridesmaids wore powder pink and taupe dresses. The table decoration was classic with silver cutlery, gold details, white tablecloths and beautiful crystal glasses.


We have always had a penchant for beautiful and unique destinations and we felt that this would obviously be reflected in our marriage. With the Hungarian roots of Felicia (her father is Hungarian), we had seen in Budapest in the summer what fantastic and unique spaces there are in the city, which is not so common in Sweden and Stockholm. We had the feeling that we wanted to show our wedding guests something of the great Hungarian cultural heritage.


As soon as we received the green light from the pastor of the Mattias Church, we began to search for the right place and everything around it. While researching on the Internet, we happened to come across the magnificent palace rooms of the Ervin Szabo Library, also known as the Wenckheim Palace, and found it right. The place, which today is mainly known as the Budapest City Library, was built in 1887 and was formerly a palace for Count Frigyes Wenckheim and presents itself with fantastic opulence after a complete reconstruction. The ballrooms are decorated with neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance elements, adding a touch of class to the events.


To keep the classic feeling, we were looking for a wedding photographer who was able to shoot with a timeless feeling, and after a lot of research we found Julian, exactly what we were looking for. His photos were fantastic and he managed to capture all the beautiful details of the wedding and its places, and we enlarged some of the photos at home today. Many of them feel like being selected in an old movie with its dramatic motifs.

Looking for a videographer, we were looking for someone who could make a “trailer” or a movie, and not just a typical wedding slideshow. Through a friend, we got in touch with Marcis Seners, who is a filmmaker and cameraman and made exactly the kind of 3-minute movie we were looking for. His way of filming and editing had the right “drama” and feel compared to what we were looking for. We were very pleased with the result! See for yourself below!

Favorite moments

We are both into little personal details and love to have our friends and family have a good time. The saxophonist, who made a surprise appearance at dinner with DJ and some confetti bombs, was a fun element that is very “we”.

One of our favorite moments, apart from all the nice speeches and the wedding day itself, was when all our guests surprised us with a “Harlem shake”. We will always remember this, except, of course, the wedding (look at the last seconds of the video).

Tips for other couples

Firstly, we had a lot of fun planning our wedding down to the smallest detail, but a wedding abroad requires a lot of work, more than a wedding at home in our own country and, most importantly, a lot of coordination between the providers so that everything runs smoothly.

In hindsight, we think it would have been a bit easier to have a wedding planner or coordinator who had overall responsibility for the days when many fell on us and we couldn’t always relax when we wanted to. But it is also a question of personality. We like to do it ourselves and in our own way and had difficulty leaving it to someone else-but if you can and, of course, have the budget for it, seek professional help!


Since we love adventure, but also wanted to relax after a year of planning and then a fun celebration, we decided to combine the honeymoon with adventure and relaxation. The combination of the type of trip and right after the wedding is something we really recommend. Then you have time for adventure, when you still have your pulse after the wedding and can end the big day relaxed and thoughtful.

First we went to Kenya for 10 days, where we visited Samburu in northern Kenya and stayed at the magical sasaab Lodge. Then we made our way to Masai Mara in the south of the country with accommodation on the fantastic sandy river Masai Mara, which is located in the middle of the reserve, which means that they lived as close to nature as possible.

The last trip to Kenya arrived in Nairobi and a stay in the beautiful giraffe villa. For those who have not yet heard of this fantastic place, stay in a former English colonial villa, which today houses a reserve for giraffes health-issue for some reason and / or rescued in the wild. The animals are brought to the reserve and treated in order to slowly get used to nature.

Every morning breakfast was served in a beautiful room where the windows were open and curious giraffes tried pellets. The small number of people living in the villa could then have a small interaction with the animals. What an experience!

At the end of the tenth day, the journey continued to fully relax on the beautiful Kanuhura in the Maldives. And what to say-the Maldives are always Maldives, sapphire water, white beaches and absolutely fantastic … You will not be disappointed.

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