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Did you see our Vegas Neon Museum Elopement last month? Well, The talented photo team Of Elope Tahoe Photo Co. We shared with us another devoted wedding “Nevada Desert Meets Urban” that we simply had to share!

While last month’s desert destination Elopement was a bit retro extravagant (thanks to the couples Fashion Trade and the funky Neon Museum space), this Nevada Elopement is all whimsical and colorful.

Painted desert hills, a sapphire wedding skirt and even artistic city walls increase the imagination and create such a versatile and beautiful scene! Do you like the Lucy eco-friendly bridal skirt? We have a range of beautiful and colorful wedding dresses with matching sapphire tulle skirts! Otherwise, just like Lucy, you can go shopping through the fun tulle skirts from ASOS.

The Dress And The Clothes

We know that we want a big ceremony with all our family and friends at a after date, so we tried not to go crazy with money for clothes. I wanted to be as environmentally friendly as possible and spend a little. I thought a Boho Look would suit me, The environment and the relaxed way of our day. So I looked at ASOS for ideas and great prices!) and found a beautiful skirt made of recycled bottles!

My top wasn’t particularly eco-friendly, but the day was approaching and I didn’t have to put anything on with my skirt! I saw it on BHDN (here’s the Top one!) and loved immediately. I also knew that I could wear it again-with jeans or a nice dress underneath, so it will wear a lot!

I bought my shoes in 2016 at a Salvation Army store in Ann Arbor while I was studying abroad. I hadn’t worn them at all! I tried them on with the skirt in the UK and they fit perfectly!

Nick has to wear a lot of suits for work, so he chose his favorite sapphire suit. His only new piece of clothing was his tie. His mother picked him up in Italy during a trip she took the previous month. Because Vegas is so hot in August, we also wanted to make sure that we felt comfortable and a little more relaxed than we felt.


Saying our vows was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be. We both have tears in our eyes. It was really special.

Favorite moments

I think the first time I saw Valley of Fire was an unforgettable moment. You drive about an hour from Las Vegas and turn off the highway onto a discreet road. But then, when you enter the mountains and the rocks, turn a corner and this surprisingly beautiful valley of red and Orange stretches out in front of you. We also saw a mountain sheep put on a toilet stop before taking the photos-it was really cool! He was huge and accommodating posing for a photo.

Tips for other couples

Think about what you really want from your day and focus on it as a starting point. For us, we wanted to do something that we would never do if our family and friends were there, so we decided that a spectacular setting was our Plan.

I would say that the Search for your wedding photographer is so important. Once I saw Danette’s photos on Instagram, I knew she was the one! Don’t skimp on photography – your photos are what you need to look back on in the future! Instagram is a great help when it comes to photography.

Favorite moments

It was nice to return to our hotel after our wedding. We ate some of the best vegetarian and vegan dishes with the rest of our morning bubbling. And then we got ready to drive to downtown Vegas for the evening. It was so great to be married (I always like to call Nick my “husband”) and even more special to have a few drinks and laugh together before leaving to party. I really appreciated the fact that we saw each other on our wedding day – it seems that too many couples are busy making time for everyone but each other.

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