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Being flexible in planning your wedding is the key to mental health because things don’t always go according to plan – you may have to reschedule your appointment due to the current crisis (here are some tips on how to change your date), or you may have to reschedule your appointment like this adorable South African couple.

When the bride’s bridesmaid got pregnant with a due date that matched Ashleigh and Earl’s original wedding date, the couple proved their adaptability and extended the date of their wedding by five months, leaving only four weeks to plan (making it easier and inspiring for couples who are currently stressed to change their wedding dates!)

Changing the date of their wedding did not prevent the couple from doing things “in their own way”. Early and Ashleigh made a lot of fun, modern and unorthodox decisions that represented them as a couple, and the kind of party they had always dreamed of. From a dreamy morning ceremony, a matching geometric dress and decor, the wedding barbecue for breakfast, a crêpe cake and fun desserts, the wedding was unique and special.


My dream dress was made by the fabulous Julia Ferrandi and wow she totally got exactly what I had in mind – geometric statement – she understood it so well and I felt sensational and cozy all day long!


Earl and I wanted an unusual wedding and something that expressed who we are and what we are as a couple – so waking up in the morning, walking and watching the sunrises is something that is part of who we are.

So, what better way to get married than at sunrise and have an early wedding breakfast! We wanted it to be extremely relaxed and just a happy day where we could enjoy all aspects of the day with family and friends and not have to worry about the time constraints of the place and the abrupt end of the party.

Favorite moments

We could not have asked for anything more, because that was exactly the day of our wedding, it was the day of our dreams! Everything we wanted and more, it exceeded our wildest dreams and it was the perfect day – relaxed, happy and nothing could knock us down! The girls started styling and make–up from 2: 30 in the morning, and I went down the aisle just after 6:15 – right after sunrise -and we enjoyed the whole day in all its glory! It was really magical.

Change of date

Not to mention that we changed the date and postponed our wedding for five months because my bridesmaid was pregnant and was born on the day of our original wedding. Not having my oldest best friend with me on my special day wasn’t an option, so it was something that had to happen! All of our suppliers have been absolutely awesome in helping us in every way possible and we will never thank them enough for everything they have done for us.


All the providers we used need special mentions as they were all just awesome, we recommend each of them and had absolutely no problems from start to finish.

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